“Wow” An Exhibiton by Augmented Artist David Williamson @ IMAGES IN FRAMES

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  • Imagesinframes
  • September 24, 2016
Wow by David Williamson Artist Exhibition

The future has arrived! Seeing is believing and any other cliche that tickles your fancy. We are absolutely delighted to be hosting a David Williamson exhibition. We will showing images from his first collection which includes “Antioch Covergirl”, “Quad Trooper” and a homage to “David Bowie”. Come and be entrolled by David’s visionary outlook on life which is reflected in his vision for the future of art.  Want to see more? David Williamson will not fail to mesmerize you with his new style of art as nothing is incomprehensible.   This is David Williamson’s first solo London exhibition with many new images never seen before. Come and discuss the possibility of a very personal commission, you will understand what I mean when you see David’s art.  Intrigued? We can’t wait to see what delights David Williamson will deliver on Saturday 24th September from 11 am.

What is Augmented Art?

Augmented Art is the use of a new and exciting medium to bring artwork to life, and allow the collector the opportunity to see a little more of the artists process.

As an artist a flat two dimensional image has never for me been the fullness of my intention. I (like everyone else!) see the world in three dimensions moving across time. The flat image hung on the wall is simply a moment of that, captured and frozen. Augmented art enables the collector to see a little more of that fragmented moment bought to life.

Technology develops, and progress is regardless of the individual. Artists and collectors have a fabulous opportunity to work in harmony with this developing engine, and create experiences that innovate and redefine the boundaries between artist and artwork.

Augmented Art, is about using the technologies and screens that are so prevalent in our lives, to create better experiences, with particular regards to the artworks we surround ourselves with.

In its simplest terms, it is about repurposing everyday technology to bring art to life.