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  • February 10, 2019
Urban Art Exhibition, Feb 2019

We have our first exhibition of 2019 just around the corner! We’re proud to announce the Urban Art Exhibition on the 9th of February 2019, bringing artists together that draw their inspiration street art and popular culture.

We’ve pulled out a few artworks straight from the studios of some of our favourite urban artists. To name a few; we have Hue Folk displaying his iconic Michael Jordan and Marilyn Monroe graffiti originals by injecting his own style and nostalgic references into striking portraits that capture both energy and style.

Local boys Static will be showing their vast range of beautiful layered screen printed glass. Static have masterfully screen printed and spray painted patterns onto different layers of glass that when placed together, they come  alive with each layer of glass playing a role in creating beautiful compositions. There’s no limit to Statics creative control – Prepare to be amazed.

Courty will be displaying neon light artwork. Whenever we’re fortunate enough to be able to showcase Courty’s stunning neon artworks, we always have to stop and just stare into these masterfully mind bending, bright lights that display messages and quotes that’s bound to put a smile on your face – A must-see!

Victoria Topping, our newest gallery artist, will be showcasing her vibrant, 1970s Jazz and Soul inspired artwork will explode your mind with musical references and warm charm. Victoria’s artwork oozes with energy, she draws inspiration from her passion to Gospel and Disco. She takes musical aspects and work to synthesizer them into visual form visual form, working towards distilling the vibrancy of music into a ‘music for the eyes’. More broadly, she aims to impregnate her work with its own unique soul, through harnessing a blend of spirituality, culture, the cosmos and mother earth.

More to be announced in the next few days! Do be sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates!

Hope to see you there!

-Images in Frames

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