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  • October 12, 2015
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by Kerry Darlington

Many people are familiar with JM Barrie’s Peter Pan series but most do not know about Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.  This story was written in 1906 after the Peter and Wendy story and was illustrated by Arthur Rackham, one of Kerry Darlington’s inspiration when growing up.  The story goes that when Peter was a baby he was half bird half human and he flew away from his mother to go live with the faeries in Kensington Gardens; but on doing so Peter lost his ability to fly.  I will let you read the remainder of the story or you can go to our Facebook page where I have given a bit more detail (look under our albums) and shown Kerry Darlington’s inspiration for creating this wonderful painting.  Knowing the story brings to life this delightful image.

Currently we are Exhibiting the Spring Collection by Kerry Darlington.  So come and be inspired.

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