March 2019: What’s New? @ IMAGES IN FRAMES

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  • Michele
  • July 22, 2024
Albert Bridge

Now that our Urban Art Exhibition comes to a close, we would like to thank everyone that came down and supported the gallery and all the artists involved and hope you all had as much fun as we did!

It’s been a jam-packed February and now that March is creeping over, we can happily announce the brand-new artwork we’ve got hanging up in our gallery and what’s happening over the next few months here in East London.

We’ve got new artist Emily Crook showcasing her colourfully explosive paintings in the gallery. Rich with materialistic ideology and mainstream pop culture, her artwork draws inspiration from her love for fashion and street art and combines them together to create stunning compositions that’s full of energy. It’s a privilege to have these on our walls and we’re excited to showcase them for you to feast your eyes upon…

Victoria Topping has been making a huge splash in our gallery recently and rightfully so! Her artwork draws inspiration from a deep cosmic love for music, from the styling and art direction of 1970s Jazz and Soul. Her digital masterpieces portray an abundance of culture and feel-good feelings that makes us all warm and gooey inside and we cannot get enough of them!

Tom Butler’s latest collection of artworks ‘Cutting Edge’ is now being displayed in the gallery, Tom’s ability to masterfully collage cuttings from newspapers to magazines and then beautifully blended with mixed paints to create breath-taking cityscapes that are full of tiny references that will always keep your eyes searching the artwork to find little hidden treasures. We’ve got a great selection here in the gallery, you’ve got to see them in person!

Kerry Darlington has released brand new artwork ‘Wish Upon a Butterfly’. It features an elegant woman holding an origami butterfly and surrounded by both real and paper butterflies. It’s based of the quote by Pablo Neruda ‘Dream Butterfly, you resemble my soul and you resemble the word melancholy’

We’ve just had a delivery of Leigh Lambert’s latest release ‘Spring into Action’ – It depicts a nostalgic street scene with people gathering round to see what’s going on. It’s a buzzing street party and we’re all invited into the wonderful world of Leigh Lambert. We’ve got both the Deluxe & standard edition available, get it while it’s hot!

Jenni Murphy’s latest series of Hockney-esque illustration artwork has stormed into our gallery recently, it’s a privilege to represent her work – It’s so full of life and all-around good vibes. Her paintings capture that perfect memory that plays on all the nostalgic senses, from that perfect party or lounging by the pool – Her artwork is the perfect talking point of any household.

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