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  • Imagesinframes
  • July 14, 2024

Images in Frames are proud to present ‘Curious?’, a group exhibition showcasing this year’s newest talent of five exciting established and upcoming artists.

Colour plays an important role in Tommy Fiendish’s work. His lavish use of bright bold colours, contrast and confident brush strokes, set against scenes of dilapidated buildings consistently strike an anomalous scene. The artist guides us through his magical imagination through a sea of colour, deserted buildings and majestic animals, often with darkly humorous overtones.

Adam Robinson’s work reflects his passion for colour, found materials and the processes of collecting and arranging. His stamps and vintage images create a sense of nostalgia and history. Stamps and comic strips form vibrant patterns housed within strong geometric shapes begging the viewer to get a closer look.

Inspired by architecture, Evy Meehan’s use of form and colour creates what appears to be complex buildings. Like Robinson, Meehan focuses on form. Her block colours are perfectly placed and give a strong sense of depth and substance but contain little or no recognisable buildings, rather abstract objects taken from real life, changed, simplified, or exaggerated.

Street artist, DS (David Schmidt) combines the old with the new, using dysfunctional cherubs sitting behind bold, colourful smiles with slogans such as ‘Home Sweet Home’. His humour seeps through his work and whilst his pieces remain innocent, some are a brilliant commentary on today’s social and political world.

Sarah Emily Porter’s pieces depict organic shapes appearing to be an accident; however, her technique is both methodical and mathematical. She pours paint on tilting objects letting the force of gravity determine her ‘drip’ paintings. Her juxtaposing colours come together harmoniously along with the linear shapes.

Despite these five artists’ very different styles they share common themes of curiosity whilst exploring identity and nostalgia. Images in Frames look forward to introducing you to CURIOUS?; new work, beaming with brilliance! Please RSVP if you would like to attend the private opening.