JJ Adams Exhibition Spring Release 2015 @ IMAGES IN FRAMES

The leading art gallery and picture framer in East London

  • Imagesinframes
  • October 12, 2015

April 2nd 2015 will be a day that Images in Frames will always remember. Why?The personal appearance by the Unstoppable Force of JJ Adams.

JJ Adams is one of the UK’s biggest rising stars and his work is very collectible. His latest collection didn’t disappoint with an 1980’s theme! The Back to the Future Delorian(sold out in minutes), Robot Poker with icons such as Optimus Prime, Johnny 5, The Terminator and C3PO catching out Robocop cheating! The fun didn’t stop there with Full Metal Twiggy and a glow in the dark Mind Grenade. JJ also stepped away from his usual fun and spark with an edgy piece called An Unhappy Birthday. Lest we forget the birth of that iconic meal in 1980. For those of you who loved Dance with the Devil we were duly impressed with the female version. We could go on and on but let me leave you with these famous words by Fred Flinstone next time ‘Be there or be square’

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