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  • February 1, 2019
Mr Go Artist

It’s not often that an artist can get you excited about banana’s but artist Mr Go does just that; and why not he says banana’s are fun! “Don’t you remember playing with banana’s as a kid? They come packaged and I defy anyone who hasn’t used one as a gun or telephone.” This is part of the theme in Mr Go’s latest release last July 7th, 2016 at Images in Frames in our Wanstead gallery called BANG, It’s For You and Banana Split. Don’t worry no banana’s were hurt in the making of these candy coloured images as Mr Go’s creative outlet is in digital medium. Digital media art uses technology to create images and is equally challenging as there is a vast range of programs out there available for use. This new medium has created quite a stir with some saying it isn’t real art but in reality this is just another tool used to express creativity in a similar fashion of using a paintbrush on canvas.
Mr Go may love banana’s (don’t we all) but he also delves into the realm of the surreal and intimate with each piece full of hidden meaning. Is your head in the clouds? Are you following the flow? Maybe we all are in this altered state without knowing how we all got to this point but knowing that we did…. Mr Go’s The Great Escape series explores all these state of being. Acquiesce – are you only following the current with no control over your direction as the Jelly fish? Maybe your thoughts Shine On with a rainbow view. My personal favourite is The Great Escape – Empire, robins mean the return of warmth and good things, hence the crown. Go with the flow on all three of these mesmerizing pieces.  Mr Go kick-started our Wishfest event here at Images in Frames which was a great success and we look forward to what other fruit, if any, will incorporate into his ethereal images.The Great Escape (Empire) By Mr Go

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