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“City Beats” By Edward Waite

City Beats Art Exhibition By Edward Waite

Join us at Images In Frames (Wanstead)for our Edward Waite exhibition on Thursday the 17th of november 2016. Come and meet one of the UK’s most dynamic artists. Edward will be personally unveilling his lasted collection of original paintings, featuring his hotest city spots from across the world which capture the city buzz using his energetic three dimensional technique. Please…

Images in Frames presents Mr Go

Mr Go Artist

It’s not often that an artist can get you excited about banana’s but artist Mr Go does just that; and why not he says banana’s are fun! “Don’t you remember playing with banana’s as a kid? They come packaged and I defy anyone who hasn’t used one as a gun or telephone.” This is part of the theme in Mr…

“Wow” An Exhibiton by Augmented Artist David Williamson

Wow by David Williamson Artist Exhibition

The future has arrived! Seeing is believing and any other cliche that tickles your fancy. We are absolutely delighted to be hosting a David Williamson exhibition. We will showing images from his first collection which includes “Antioch Covergirl”, “Quad Trooper” and a homage to “David Bowie”. Come and be entrolled by David’s visionary outlook on life which is reflected in…

wishFEST – Contemporary Art Festival

wishFEST art frestival poster

All systems are go, MR GO to be precise! We are celebrating the start of summer with an Art Festival spanning over 10 days. In true festival style there will be music, fun and exclusive Art releases by a cacophany of artists including Harry Bunce, Courty and Katy Jade Dobson. Come meet Mr Go on Thursday 7th of July with…

Ben Jeffery Exhibition

Ben Jeffery Artist

We at Images in Frames Wanstead are absolutely delighted to have artist Ben Jeffery launching his latest collection of artwork at the “Ben Jeffery Exhibition” which will run from Sunday the 1st of May 2016 to Sunday the 8th of May 2016. Ben Jeffery will be making a personal appearance on Saturday the 30th of May 2016. For your invite please…

John Horsewell Exhibition

John Horsewell Portret

Images in Frames is pleased to be holding a preview and drinks reception of the artwork by long established Essex born artist John Horsewell on 3rd July 2014 between 6 – 9 pm. Come meet the artist where John will be delighted to explain his inspiration and favourite landscapes.

Harry Bunce Exhibition

Harry Bunce Exhibition

The Team at Images In Frames would like to invite you to a private reception at the gallery, for the unveiling of “Tales from the Riverside”, a captivating new collection. The exhibition runs from Friday the 6th of November 2015 to the 14th of November 2015. The private view will be held on Thursday the 5th of November 2015 from …

Gastropod by Kerry Darlington

E17 Art Trail

Gastropod by Kerry Darlington. She is one of the UK’s best selling artists and we at Images in Frames are delighted to be one of the first galleries in London to ever exhibit her work

Beezy Jet by Kerry Darlington

Beezy Jet by Kerry Darlington

A little entertainment by one of our featured in house artist at Images in Frames by Kerry Darlington

Journey to Emerald City

Journey to Emerald City

This extraordinary insight into Kerry Darling ton painting one of her fastest selling images Journey to Emerald City. This video shows the dedication, imagination and enthusiam Kerry Darlington has for her work. No wonder she is one of the UK’s best selling artists.

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