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Āto Naoki Interview

Āto Naoki is the newest artist to join us at Images In Frames, we are very excited to...

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Ben Jeffery Exhibition and Artist Appearance

Join us on Saturday 15th of July at Images In Frames, Wanstead between 1-4pm to be a part...

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A craft also comes under an amazing piece of artwork. Batik is fast becoming popular in the western hemisphere. It is being increasingly recognized as a wonderfully creative medium that is indeed very attractive and charming to viewers. Having been practiced for several centuries, we have come to know that Batik is more of an ancient practice in Indonesia. Though some of the finest Batiks are made in Indonesia, this style of craft is now being allotted a great deal of importance in the west as well.

The contemporary Batik is remarkably different from the more formal or traditional styles. However, it still owes a lot to its past. Artists usually employ etching and discharge dyeing to enhance their efforts. Alternately, stencils or different tools for waxing or dyeing may also be used. Batik is usually found in the traditional colours such as brown, indigo and black. At times, dark yellow colour is also used.

Batik is a very famous art that is employed in clothing, apparel and interior decoration. It has formed its own art and special craft status. With time as science and technology advanced, a wide array of batik products have been introduced that are capable of charming the viewers with an elegant folk style. It serves to add natural beauty and can be made to feature people of all ages.

If the art of Batik is new for you, then do visit our online art gallery which will shed more details on this form of art. Since it is now becoming popular in this part of the world, you may like to try it out. Our online art gallery offers some of the most amazing and exotic collections of Batik art. ‘Images in Frames’ brings to you the most diverse range of Batik products at affordable prices. Our customer services are available to help you decide on the Batik art that matches your needs. With an Art Gallery in London and an art gallery in Wanstead, we bring your way some of the most lavish and attractive designs. Visit our art galleries to derive a clearer understanding of this art and craft.