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Āto Naoki Interview

Āto Naoki is the newest artist to join us at Images In Frames, we are very excited to...

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Ben Jeffery Exhibition and Artist Appearance

Join us on Saturday 15th of July at Images In Frames, Wanstead between 1-4pm to be a part...

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anti-uv-glass-imgUV rays can cause long term damage to your piece of art which could possibly be permanent. If you have any old piece of artwork that requires being stored and preserved for a long period of time, then you need to do more than just picture framing. Items such as photos and other pieces of art that need to be passed from generation to generation require a lot more than just picture framing. Picture framing is only effective once it is protected from UV rays. UV rays are especially damaging and all papers are vulnerable to it. This calls for the need of using anti-UV glass which will offer long term protection to the valuable piece of art.

Anti-UV glass offers shatter resistance and protection against UV light to artworks that are preserved by picture framing. The clarity of the artwork is not affected at all as it offers genuine visibility through which the piece of art can be viewed. This glass is needed for ensuring a safe and enduring framing of the artwork. It offers a reflection free surface that promotes enhanced clarity performance.

A glass with no reflection, also aids in the transmission. It is easy to clean and offers scratch resistance. This implies that you will have no difficulty in keeping it neat and clean, while no scratches will be incurred that may otherwise affect the beauty of your artwork. This glass also enables neutral colours in reflection and no colour shift occurs at an angle. It also provides high durability and adds to the long lifetime of the coating used to protect your artwork.

The problem with regular glass or regular acrylic used in picture framing is that though they may block some UV rays but they still allow most of it to pass through, which may then damage your artwork. Anti-UV glass blocks most of the UV rays. Hence, it escalates the need to use an anti-UV glass to protect your piece of art from UV rays.

In order to reduce the intensity and amount of damaging UV rays being transmitted to your artwork through glazing, use a glass coating such as anti-UV glass to reflect or absorb the UV spectrum. Visit our Online Art Gallery to view how pieces of artwork are protected with anti-UV glass. Remember you require anti-UV glass to ensure conservation that stops fading and damage.